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Ross Diversified Insurance and Vendor Management Services present the following products and services that are ordered online.

For a description and sample of each product

Flood Zone Determination Services - National Coverage

  • Life-of-Loan Flood Determination
  • Basic Determination

Credit Reports - National Coverage

  • Experian, TransUnion and Equifax
  • Individual/Joint Reports With Scoring
  • One, two and three Bureau Reports

Valuation Products - National Coverage

  • Automated Valuations (Freddie Mac HVE, VeroVALU, First American Real Estate Solutions, CASA and SiteXvalue)
  • Brokers Price Opinion

Bundled Product Offering

  • Credit Report - AVM - Flood Determination

For more information on these products or to establish an account please call Bruce Young at 800.210.7677.

About Ross Diversified

We are a full service Vendor Management / Insurance Agency Company dedicated to providing the finest products and services available for financial institutions.

Why spend time, energy and money searching through the maze of insurance company options. Ross has over 20 years of experience servicing publicly owned as well as privately owned companies. Ross is a firm that offers the convenience, research and cost effectiveness of using one of the top vendor management/insurance agencies in the industry.

Contact Ross Diversified:

Office: 800.210.7677

Fax: 714.633.7788


Additional Products for Financial Institutions

  • Forced Placed Fire and Flood Insurance
  • Tax Service
  • Flood Insurance through the NFIP
  • Environmental Reports
  • Tax Verification (4506)

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